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This week we welcome Marketing communications Officer (and former Associate Director for Admission) Becky Tankersley into the blog. Greet, Becky!

Last month some of Atlanta track record came a crash down. In case you missed the idea, the city imploded the Georgia Dome. Associated with pension transfer demos, info crews right from all over the location were there in order to the action. After all, who all doesn’t wish to see a excellent building implosion? But The Weather Channel ‘s cover easily gained the internet that will morning.

Soon we will be honest— if this movie came out, I couldn’t acquire enough of computer. I laughed until When i cried… all the time. Never in the million a long time could you currently have timed this specific better a new MARTA coach rolls in and fully blocks the most significant moment for the day (which just lasted near 30 seconds on most). The main frustration, discouragement, and nervousness in the videographer’s voice will be priceless!

In its entirety disclosure, high of my desire for this video has to do with this is my background within local TV SET news. In advance of I first started education, My partner and i worked to be a television reports producer. The experience gives you me a bit insight towards what very likely happened backstage that daytime:

1 Often the videographer scouted out the excellent spot to glimpse the actions weeks before hand.

2 They arrived at claimed location in the early, early on morning hours with a very cold time, probably around 3 a. m. and also 4 a. m., evaluating his machines and guaranteeing he had a definite connection returning to the news section.

3 At the same time, back in the newsroom, a whole host of staffers— including producers, reporters, and even anchors— was all anticipating this online video and had built their newscast around that. (Note: the bus area was not really part of the prepare or script).

What needs been an uncomplicated live photo turned into an absolutely botched hard work, and the outcome wasn’t everywhere close to these people expected. And as for the videographer, I’m sure in the moment, your dog is thinking, ‘You have to be joking? This bus literally defective everything . Why us?! ‘

MARTA Rapace and Entry Decisions

Last week a host of EA/ED schools across the usa released their own admission choices. While I don’t know all of the particulars on percentages, it’s actual likely that numerous of you have more poor (or uncertain) news compared with good. Much more of everyone received a conclusion beginning with typically the letter M (defer as well as deny) instead of a (admitted). You can actually say you possessed a MARTA experience, because bus went rolling into your frame for a crucial second, completely forestalling what you have worked overtime to attain.

On the internet feel defeated— and that is definitely understandable. Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like being put off for another few months, or flat out rejected.

So how would you handle it when a tour bus rolls inside your live shot? Take a a number of lessons from MARTA bus incident:

Faith. There’s a couple of ways to glance at the bus: you may fight it again, get loony, shout, shout, and give up. Or, you are able to fight the item, get nutty, shout, scream, and… hang on. The tour bus in front of you is going to eventually move, and you’ll end up being left along with a completely new opinion. Once the coach moves, you will have some great choices— so arrange.

Reassess. While you cannot go back in time along with change your application, you can appearance back over the method and see when there’s everything else you can do different going forward. If you were deferred, is there a joint of information contain into your deferred applicant contact form? Will most of their admission office environment accept the updated records with tumble grades? If you have had other start applications in other colleges, have you made certain you’re performing towards your deadlines and getting the actual need to choose? If you were being denied, do you know of applications throughout at different schools that fit just what you’re looking for from a college? It is possible to schools whoever applications haven’t closed yet— get all those apps in!

Allow. Sounds the harsh within the outset, although bear with me. You’re possibly asking yourself ‘what does the lady know? This girl doesn’t understand how it feels so you can get shot decrease by your goal school. ‘ But essentially, I do. Once i was a mature one of the Northern Ivy’s just visited THE top regarding my collection. I was infatuadted with this university in every way coming as well as going. I just applied ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and was deferred to be able to Regular Decision. Then, half a year later, We were denied. Going getting the correspondence (ahem, given that back in those times you actually were forced to wait in the mail to reach to get a decision— so think about how much anxiety that made! ), and also sitting down utilizing my parents in addition to crying for 3 solid hrs. So yes, I actually do learn how you feel, and i also remember exactly how disappointed, unhappy, and tricked I was feeling. I made way for myself time to mourn things i wasn’t about to experience, and the end associated with a dream. A few weeks later I selected to attend one other school on a looked back. I’m certain the videographer allowed themself a disgrace party additionally. But then, the guy picked up the equipment, dived cowardlessly in the vehicle and advancing to the next fire. One step at a time, my friends.

Switching Abject Inability into a Major Win

Here’s the important thing: at the end of the day, just what felt like abject fail to the individual behind the very camera essentially turned into an incredible win regarding him, and The Weather Route. The stop posted it on YouTube even though of today it has more than one 2 , 000, 000 views. Certainly no would it currently have gotten much mileage when everything had gone right that will morning. The video trended with social media all round the day. National current information outlets picked out it up, as well as before long spoofs were made in the incident (my personal favorite was that one created by Sporting events Illustrated).

I’m just not suggesting to broadcast your delay or refute all over social websites (in fact— please don’t). What I are telling you is just what looks like, seems like, and can be one of the hardest moments you could have to this point will eventually end up something fantastic. You will find a university to name home… you can get a school this wants a person on their campus… and when everyone ultimately get there in the tumble, the trick of this final decision will disappear as you generate new buddies, pursue fresh dreams, and make new remembrances.

Hang around there… easy say, difficult to do, but satisfy try. The holiday are at this point, and you have a couple of weeks to rest, restore, and take in. Be with family and friends, do something exciting, read the best book, and invest in your own personal well-being. You’ve gotten one more semester to deal with before your lifetime changes… clean your head, and get ready! Good things are in front!

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