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novembre 20, 2019
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novembre 20, 2019

He added that it is planned to conduct educational campaign about the program, encouraging agencies to accede to it, as well as information addressed to citizens, promote non-cash payments. Deputy Minister said that there are several reasons why you should promote non-cash payments. “We want a modern state was” – he said. As the second reason mentioned the cost of cash. “Everyone thinks that cash is free, and respect the OECD says that cash costs us approx. 1 per cent. Of GDP, or 17 billion zl per year,” – he said. He added that electronic payments are much safer than cash payments.

Added to this is the health aspect related to the spreading of germs on the euro banknotes and coins – do not know who touched the money in front of us, on what diseases ill etc. Koscinski further said that digital money is the chance to introduce a number of new services for consumers and producers, but will also have tangible benefits that can easily verify that the seller pay taxes. KIR Alicki President Peter said that the program is not just about traditional card payments, but also more modern instruments – WebPOS PayByNet service. It allows the adoption of mobile payments directly on the position of customer service. By using the services running in a web browser, there is no need to install additional devices.

Alicki explained that the NCH began working with two companies that install terminals. He informed that the operation will not entail any additional costs for the office or for clients making cashless transactions. These costs are borne by the National Clearing House established the Foundation for the Development of Digitization Cyberium. It is responsible for raising funds to finance the program. “We agreed good conditions, both in terms of interchange fees, and other margin of entities that participate in the whole process,” – he said. According to estimates Alickiego in police facilities you will need to install approx.

Two thousand and several thousand terminals in offices – depending on how many offices he wants to join the program. ‘So far, interest in the offices participation in the program is very high, “- said Dariusz Marcjasz vice president of NCH. He explained that since August last year, a pilot program was carried out in the offices of non-cash payments. At the end of February. It participated in it in 127 outlets. In February they generated approx. 11 thousand. 300 non-cash payments in the amount of 1.7 million zl.

Since the beginning of the pilot, there were over 31 thousand. non-cash payments in the total amount of 4.6 million zl. Most transactions were in the provincial office in Lodz, where they were made more than 2.3 thousand. (PAP) Napieralski Association “Spring” reported the official summary of this year’s action. As Paul told PAP Wolecka average value for a single family parcels declared by the donors is 2689 zl, and the total value of aid given to the needy is almost 54 million zl. This year’s “Noble Package” united more than 810 thousand. people, or donors, volunteers and recipients. One package for families in need of preparing an average of 36 people. During the “Weekend miracles” – the final action, the package prepared by the donors for specific families went to almost seven warehouses in Poland, and then were delivered by volunteers to more than 20 thousand. families in need. This year, among the donors they were, among others, presidential couple, appointed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and European Council President Donald Tusk.

The aid also joined the Polish national team players, the national team of ski jumpers and Olympic gold medalists. “Noble Package” has been operating since 2001. During the previous edition of the total value of material aid provided has exceeded 47 million zl. The action has nationwide coverage and its volunteers work in 645 districts of the country. PAP is a media patron of the action. by Marcin Chomiuk About the event told PAP spokesman Marcin Maludy Lubuska police. “Damage children and adolescents is not life threatening, but it was necessary to transport them to the hospital. The victims are between the ages of 7 to 19 years.

They have abrasions and scratches, mainly the hands and feet. The drivers of the bus and the truck were sober. On-site work police officers to clarify the circumstances of the case “- told PAP spokesman. He added that the school bus was going approx. 40 people, children and young people from several towns of the area Slubice.

In connection with the accident been swinging motion. Restrictions may take approx. Two – three hours. Freight Street located in the national road No. 29 leading from Slubice Cybinka by the loom Oder, also connects with Slubice A2. (PAP) Mexico does not support illegal immigration, but “can not remain indifferent in the face of what constitutes a manifest violation of human rights” – he added Videgaray.

He also said that the Mexican government provides consular assistance to families since the US introduced the principle of separation of children from parents who are immigrants. He explained that only 21 children of Mexican nationality disconnected from their parents. According to the AP, the majority of children come from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. On Friday, Washington announced that 2 thousand. children have been separated from their parents from mid-April to the end of May among the migrants, who are trying to get through Mexico to the US. Trump said Monday that it intends to continue the policy of “zero tolerance” for illegal crossing US borders. “The United States does not become a camp for migrants and will not arrest for refugees” – oznajmil.zobacz also criticizes the UN Commissioner for US immigration policy »He added,” sad “situation of children separated from their parents on the border with Mexico, the US will be normalized soon, if Congress adopts immigration law. Trump criticized the immigration policy of the UN on Monday. Her spokesman thesis for research paper unequal pay Stephane Dujarric said that children should not undergo the trauma in the form of separation from parents.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that “refugees and migrants should always be treated with respect and dignity, in accordance with international law. He added that” the unity of the family should be preserved. ” In order not to waste time on revelations editors kept informed by well-informed sources, to inform you that I will not 🙂 Marshal of the Sejm – the head of the government wrote in his Twitter profile. See also: Prime Minister Awl: We must firmly and decisively oppose terrorism “Monday” Rzeczpospolita “wrote a text about speculation regarding changes in the PiS government. “Marek Kuchcinski will no longer be Speaker of the Parliament. It will replace him Beata Szydlo, and the reins of government will take over Mateusz Morawiecki. This is the case of speculation, but the closer announced on July 1st Congress of Law and Justice, which has summed up two years party rule, the more there is of such information “- wrote the newspaper. On Thursday, the Warsaw Regional Court convicted the accused of illegally recording conversations in restaurants.

2.5 years in prison without suspension ordered to pay the principal accused Mark Falencie, waiter and colleague Konrad Lassota Falenta Krzysztof Rybka were sentenced to 10 months probation and a fine. The court refrained from punishing the second waiter Luke N. – must pay 50 thousand. zl on target spoleczny.zobacz also TVP Info: documents belonging to the chairman of the PiS probably in the hands of deputy ‘ “Initially it was about recording business calls only” – said the judge, Paul du Chateau in justifying the judgment. He added that when Falenta realized that sometimes in restaurants and politicians, began to record them as well. He stressed that the court gave the waiter Luke N. faith, who pleaded guilty to the charges and submitted explanations that money from recorded Falenta restaurant guests. According to the court, his explanation generally confirmed Konrad Lassota, and are supported by other dowody.zobacz also 2.5 years in prison without suspension for Falenta for wiretaps in restaurants “by the judge Falenta presented as helping state authorities, in light of the evidence no doubt, that will meet with officers of the CBA and the Internal Security Agency.

The judge also said that the court denied they Falenta to inform them that the politicians are all recorded illegally in restaurants. According to the court, it is difficult to recognize, Falenta to act in the public interest. “He treated these contacts purely instrumental, counting on support services in case of trouble” – said the judge du Chateau. “We express our deepest condolences and apologies” – written in the sent on Wednesday a letter from Kim to President of China Xi Jinping and top Chinese officials, reprinted by the newspaper. For bus accident occurred on April 22; 32 Chinese were killed and four citizens of North Korea. The two seriously injured tourists were transported from China on Thursday to their country – the Chinese television CCTV reported. Identities of the victims were not disclosed officially. After the accident, Kim personally visited the wounded in hospital and expressed “bitter regret” because of an event. “It is indeed very sad that close friends from China who came here with a feeling of friendship between our peoples, encountered an unexpected accident on our land (…) We make a deep apology comrades Chinese for the pain, which he can not relieve any word, consolation or compensation” – written in a letter from Pyongyang. Among the victims is a guide to the group, and also the chief editor of a prominent Maoist website Wuyouzhixiang (Utopia) Diao Weiming – established journalists of Radio Free Asia (RWA).

Information confirmed founded by supporters of the portal and directed by Diao Xinghuo travel agency, which organized the wycieczke.zobacz: Are the leaders of the two Koreas will start the peace process? »Expedition belonged to the so-called mainstream. red tourism, and the participants had to visit the graves of Chinese soldiers who died during the Korean War in 1950-53 – Hong Kong reporters learned the newspaper “South China Morning Post.” This conflict continues to this day sealed the division of Korea, the communist North and the capitalist South. Although he started the attack from the communists in China is known as “resistance against the US and aid Korea.” “180 thousand. Chinese People’s Volunteers have given their lives (…) Their blood strengthened the great friendship between the peoples of China and North Korea. “- writes on its website travel agency Xinghuo, advertising trips. According to RWA Chinese authorities have closed in recent years a number of leftist and Maoist websites, including Utopia, but most of them were allowed to resume after the end of major political events. Most of approx. 100 thousand. foreigners visiting every year, North Korea are Chinese – gives the broadcaster.

Korean Maritime Institute – a think tank based in Seoul – estimated that China’s citizens account for 80 percent. coming to the country and its tourism revenues amount to approx. 44 million USD per year. According to Chinese data in 2012. North Korea was visited by 237 thousand. Chinese people, but since 2013, the statistics have not been published. Fire is endogenous, that did not arise from external causes.

Such fires often do not manifest themselves as much fire as the temperature increases, the release of gases and possible excavation smokiness. They are the result of self-heating process of the carbon, when exposed to oxygen. “According to the team. Threats Movement Bielszowice, there was a samozagrzania of carbon in the fence coal, separating the sidewalk from the gobs (places after the operation – PAP) neighboring walls, and fire the slot. The course of events and increase the risk of fire could have an impact occurring in the recently, atmospheric pressure surges “- told PAP Glogowski Thomas, a spokesman for Polish Mining Group, to which the Rudzka mine. The composition of the team.

Hazards, which supports the action of fire headquarters, includes, among others Scientists from the Central Mining Institute in Katowice and the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in the Krakowie.zobacz Zabrze: celebration of the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in Polish mining »observed increase in the risk of fire in the mine on Sunday, in the area of ??one of the walkways a thousand meters underground. No one was hurt and there was no need to evacuate the crew. Action started a fire, which, in addition to rescue workers from the mine ore, participate also hosts the Regional and Central Mine Rescue Station. Share oversees the District Mining Office in Gliwice. At each change in the share of five-six participating rescue teams. The task of the rescuers is covered dike fire area – on the one hand, it will happen by flooding water portion of the excavation, the creation of so-called. plug water; on the other hand, they form the so-called rescuers. proof stopper.

Cutting off the oxygen supply should lead to the gradual extinction of the fire in otamowanym area. PGG spokesman assured that the action of fire will have no significant impact on the level of mining ore mine this year. Kukiz’15 in the country earned just over 800 thousand. votes. In most large cities group – as members of the movement themselves admit – “utterly lost.” The success can only talk in Przemysl, where a candidate for the mayor, deputy Wojciech Bakun received more than 40 percent. votes and entered the second round. As assessed in an interview with PAP activists kukiz’15 conflict Jakubiak leader Paul Kukiz traffic is becoming more and more visible; Kukiz during the campaign said that in the election for president of the capital would support the other candidates. Although Kukiz supported Jakubiak, the Warsaw convention groups, however, failed to “obliterate” konfliktu.zobacz also eliminates Kukiz Twitter account. “Access was too many people” »According to the interviewees PAP kukiz’15,” camel’s back “overflowed departure from the club Jakub Kulesza. From Friday to Saturday twitterowym Kukiz account contains a series of entries relating to other politicians; some entries was vulgar.

On Friday, Mr Jakub Kulesza said that he left the movement kukiz’15 and proceeded to party Freedom Janusz Korwin-Mikke. As the most important reason for his departure gave the impossibility of cooperation with Dariusz Pitasiem, deputy head of traffic kukiz’15. In response to the departure Kulesza, Jakubiak on Twitter expressed hope that we will hear more about him. Waiting is also referred to Adam Andruszkiewicz, who had left the movement kukiz’15. Deputy described the two former members of kukiz’15 as their “parliamentary sons” and estimated that “apparently not suitable for vegetation.” To the words Jakubiak referred Kukiz, who wrote: “Mark! Go after them, as they well wish!

You have breweries and systems in the military.

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