How do I sell my bitcoin?

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How do I sell my bitcoin?

sell bitcoins

In this post, I tried to focus on the main methods for selling Bitcoins. However, there are numerous other methods you can use to sell your Bitcoins. Paxful have been running since 2015, and it allows you to find buyers (or sellers) that trade with varies payment methods including cash.

A step-by-step guide for how to use the Bittrex exchange to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. A step-by-step guide for how to use the Bitfinex exchange to buy, sell cryptocurrency transactions and trade cryptocurrency. A step-by-step guide for how to use the Poloniex exchange to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. Another alternative is the direct sale.

A step-by-step guide for how to use the Gemini exchange to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. A step-by-step guide for how to use the Coinbase exchange to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency.

You can, if you wish, exchange your bitcoin for other cryptoassets rather than for cash. Some exchanges such as ShapeShift focus on this service, allowing you to swap between bitcoin and ether, litecoin, XRP, dash and several others.

Creating an account with Anycoin Direct is free of charge. Personal environment on the Anycoin Direct Platform. This may be either a Personal Account (private) or a Business Account (for companies).

Therefore, if one looks for the opportunities to sell BTC for cash, online purchase may be an adequate alternative. At CEX.IO, we understand that working with the financial data is very serious and a single mistake can mean much to the customers.

sell bitcoins

sell bitcoins

First, you need to set up an account with an exchange of your choice. The absolute majority of reputable exchanges will require a complete identity verification and a connected bank account so that you can withdraw your funds. Cashing out your Bitcoins is not as straightforward as buying them.

It allows users to exchange several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others and supports a number of professional trading features, such as margin trading. Lykke is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a wallet app.

  • Seek out online reviews and check crypto forum posts from other users to find out whether they’d recommend a particular exchange, trading platform or bitcoin ATM provider.
  • If you would like to sell even more than the current sell limit, you can always place multiple sell orders.
  • Bitpanda is a European crypto broker based in Austria and has grown into a popular trading platform for newbies and experts alike.
  • In many ways, trading digital currency in person is about as easy as it gets.
  • Moreover, some banks just outright refuse to process transactions with funds obtained via cryptocurrency trading.

This means Paxful can locate cash buyers in your area. In order to maintain anonymity or maybe just out of plain convenience, some people prefer to sell their Bitcoin for cash or directly to another person. If that’s the case then you have several options. Keep in mind that if you’re selling Bitcoin for PayPal credits, you’re risking getting scammed by a buyer that will file a complaint to PayPal saying that you never sent him the Bitcoins he paid for.

Then, you just simply place a ‘sell offer,’ stating the type of currency you wish to trade, its amount and your asking price per unit. The exchange will automatically complete the transaction once someone matches your offer.

They have a physical location, which you need to visit, compared to just using your computer or mobile phone connected to the internet from anywhere. Also, coin machines are usually only available during business hours, which is far less than 24/7 availability of online exchanges. You can also use to find your local Bitcoin related meetups, where you can meet other BTC enthusiasts and trade directly with them in a safe environment. Paxful is a legitimate crypto exchange that competes with P2P bitcoin marketplaces like LocalBitcoins.

Do you have an account?

Additionally, the integrity and security of Anycoin Direct’s services would be put at risk. c) Each decision you take with the objective of buying or selling cryptocurrency is your own responsibility. Anycoin Direct is not liable for any damages suffered or loss incurred from the intended purchase, sale or trade. e) Anycoin Direct is entitled to exchange your (personal) information, and, if the account belongs to a legal entity, crypto exchange market that of its representatives, as well as information regarding the services you have made use of, with the supervisory authority, the national authorities and within the Anycoin Direct group, with due observance of the applicable laws and regulations and the codes of conduct Anycoin Direct has committed itself to, and in order to prevent and combat money-laundering, the financing of terrorism and other forms of criminality.

Instead of connecting to the user’s bank account, they are connected to the Internet in order to be able to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. The service is designed for the mutual benefit of people who would like to buy Bitcoins with their credit card and those who want to spend their Bitcoins to buy goods from places that don’t accept digital currencies as a form of payment. As a result, the former get their flat currency exchanged to BTC, while the latter can buy discounted goods.

Personalized customer care service and support. Please make sure that you add enough miners fees to the cryptocurrency transaction so we can process the sell order in time. There is a different limit for a sell order for every cryptocurrency. This way we can guarantee the the agreed sell price of the order.

For example, while some platforms only accept online bank transfers, sites like LocalBitcoins accept everything from cash and credit cards to PayPal and Western Union transfers. However, make sure you’re aware of any trading fees and withdrawal limits that apply before choosing an exchange. Why might you choose this option? If you’re looking for a convenient and simple way to turn bitcoin into USD or the cryptocurrency of your choice. With this in mind, find a crypto wallet that supports your new digital currency and allows you to control your private key.

sell bitcoins

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