Blue Guide Values For Rvs

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Blue Guide Values For Rvs

It’s not your fault, but the deck is stacked against you when you go out to buy a car! Car salespeople are trained to get you to say “yes” and put you in a car today. Even if it’s not what you really wanted.

Don’t catch “auction fever.” Set a limit on how much you’ll pay for a car you’re interested in, and don’t bid above that limit. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of bidding, and feel you must win the bid no matter how high it goes. Keep a cool head. There are a lot more cars to choose from.

The past few years, with the economy continuing to sputter and auto lenders tightening their belts, a large portion of buyers flocked to used car dealers. And, as we all know, increase in demand generally produces increase in price. So, the average price of a 3-year-old used car is now up 11.5 percent over last year. In sharp contrast, auto makers are discounting new cars heavily.

Blue Guide Values For Rvs

Many hybrid vehicles now cost the same or slightly more than their gas-only counterparts. Toyota Camry hybrid, for instance, costs just $500 more than the gas Camry. With the hybrid’s 33 mpg, payback should occur in about a year. For the more expensive Prius, of course, making 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway, payback over the gas Camry is more than 2 years. Of course, car owners these days keep their cars longer, so most new hybrid car owners will still have the car and its savings in gas long after the payback period is over.

Is charging safe? With the SAE J1772 connection standardized last January, there is no power until the charging cable is locked into the charging station, so you can’t get electrocuted unless you do something really dumb. Will this be covered under existing car and condo insurance? Ask your broker.

If you don’t have a reliable mechanic to turn to, then try the American Just call them and order a basic membership, then they will come out and give you a tow, jump or even help you if your keys are locked into your car. A membership will give you a few free tows, to a local garage. You will pay extra if you want it towed to a location other than where they want to tow it. The garages they tow to have to be approved by the auto club, so they must be pretty good. I usually have my car towed to a well-known chain I trust for a few bucks more, though. It’s a personal choice.

On the part of the car dealers, they will need to buy the leased vehicle from the leasing firm before they can resell it. They may also have to pay some sales tax but there’s always an opportunity to profit from selling the leased car.

Come to the auction site early. Give yourself time to look around carefully and identify the cars you’re interested in. Generlly, you’re not allowed to start the vehicles, or drive them.

5) Try to sell boats through boat owners’ association. Individual buyers often want to buy boats at bargain rate. Therefore you may face trouble getting a fair price from the individual buyers. In the same way, amateur boat enthusiasts are bad as buyers than boat owners.

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