Black Ladies And Media Historical Vs. Modern Roles

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juin 6, 2019
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juin 6, 2019

Black Ladies And Media: Historical Vs. Modern Roles

For the last few months, I’ve been bombarded with tons of articles, research, and personal encounters with the social issues of black women. I took all that information, and decided to use it to write a personal letter to black women. I’m hoping to encourage us as whole, and possibly change the way we perceive some of our issues.

Now pay close attention. This section can make or break you. My father is an Ivy League educated journalist who graduated from the London School of Economics. Why does every white male friend I introduce to him insist on some kind of funky pounding handshake? He’s not a Harlem Globetrotter. Just shake his hand.

But first, let me just put this out there. It’s absolutely true that most white and black dating sites do not have long hair. Most white and black dating sites have hair that stops somewhere between the top of their neck and the bottom of their shoulders. That’s simply not long hair. Long hair goes down a person’s back. But here are the reasons why most white and black dating site fall short when it comes to having long hair.

Joseph Paul Franklin committed his first long distance murder on October 8, 1977. He shot a man named Gerald Gordon as he was leaving his bar mitzvah in St. Louis, Missouri. Two others were shot, but Gerald was the only one killed. The following July, he attacked another interracial couple. Both were shot, but only the male, Bryant Tatum was killed. Joseph would later say that he liked attacking interracial couples where the male was black and the female was white. He would shoot the male first and the white women would not run. He said this as a way of insinuating that the white women who would white women black men dating site were stupid.

Joseph was very careful about planning his attacks. He claims he would wait for hours for the right victims. Other times, he would hear something he did not like about someone he knew and then kill them. He changed his hair color a lot, adopted several aliases and changed vehicles frequently. He even carried a police scanner for when he was making quick getaways. His first major crime was the bombing of a synagogue in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 29, 1977. No one was killed, but it did not take long for Joseph Paul Franklin to make sure someone did.

The number of white girls who love black men has gone up tremendously and now white women seek to date black guys. This has several reasons for white girls who love black guys.

Ex-Stripper: Black men tend to be very conservative when it comes selecting a woman to marry, even if they were a complete ‘ho themselves. Older men tell younger guys “you can’t turn a ‘ho into a housewife!” as if turning a woman into a housewife is the singular goal for all men. If you want a woman that appreciates how you take care of her, and who has the ability to be creative in bed in ways no woman you’ve ever met before can even imagine, you’re missing out on a good deal here. Remember, a person’s past employment is not who they are inside. Investigate before you eliminate.

Contrary to popular belief, African American women will date and marry white men. Judge AA women on an individual basis. When it comes to compatibility, race is secondary.

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